Tuesday, October 15, 2019
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MoMo Interoperability Report: 2.2 Million Transactions Recorded in 2018

Ghana's Mobile Money interoperability platform (MMI) recorded a total 2.2 million transactions from May to December 2018. This shows a continuous increase in patronage of the service.

After only 10 months in operation the platform continuous to record increasing transaction volumes. In its first month of introduction, less than 100,000 transactions took place; but this has risen steadily to over 400,000 transactions in the month of December 2018 alone.

With the mobile money interoperability, customers, are now able to transfer funds from one mobile money wallet to another wallet across networks. This eliminates the previous complexities and inconveniences associated with transfers across the various networks in the country.

The GhIPSS CEO indicated that the future is mobile phones, and many other financial services and products will be provided on mobile platforms to bring greater convenience and efficiency to customers as well as the organisations themselves. He said GhIPSS will always ensure the security and sanctity of the electronic payment system.

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