Monday, September 23, 2019
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Introducing Chipper Cash: A Free Cross-Boarder Mobile Money Platform

Ham Serunjogi, a US-based Ugandan has launched a cross-border Mobile Money Platform called Chipper Cash. Chipper Cash is the first platform of its kind to offer instant cross-border mobile money transfers in Africa at exactly zero cost.

Global cross-border money transfer is dominated by two players; Moneygram and Western Union. However, these services usually have marked-up exchange rates (between 1% to 6%) and sending fees that range from 0-10%, making them relatively expensive in a market used to cheaper Mobile Money transactions.

Chipper cash wants to do to money what WhatsApp did to texting. The app enables users to send any amount of money across borders and to send and receive money from one telco to another, say from Africell to MTN Ghana.

“Chipper Cash will facilitate completely free and instantaneous peer-to-peer payments, both within a country as well as from one country to another,” said Mr. Sserunjogi. The app is already live in Uganda, Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, and Tanzania, with plans to expand rapidly across Africa.

The startup is also and plans to introduce Chipper for Business suite of services, which will allow Chipper app users to pay for goods or services through websites and apps that are approved to offer Chipper as a payment option.

Download the app on the iOS AppStore and Google Play Store, or via

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