Saturday, March 23, 2019
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A new type of ATM fraud: What you need to know about skimming

The automated teller machine, is the first wave in the tsunami of technologies that have revolutionized banking over the last five decades. It allows customers of financial institutions to have access to cash after regular banking hours.

Information reaching indicates that a new case of Automated Teller Machine (ATM) fraud has come to light. Cyber-criminals have become savvy and continue to perfect the art of obtaining sensitive customer information.

It is being suspected that the cyber-criminals are using devices called ‘Skimmers’ attached to the ATM machines (either the card reader or cash dispenser) to get customer information which is later used to withdraw money from customer accounts.

Thieves place a fake card reader on top of the original card reader. Once customers’ slot in their card the skimming device on top of the card reader copies the magnetic strip details from the card.

They also fix a skimming device which has a hidden camera around the cash dispenser to read customer PINs when they enter it on the keypad.

Once fraudsters have your card details, they make a clone of the card and proceed to empty your bank account.

So the next time you try to use an ATM please check the card reader and the cash dispenser to be sure they have not been tempered with. If the card reader wiggles or has been attached with glue, don’t use the machine. 

More so, even if there’s no one standing behind you, always use your hand to cover the keypad while you type your ATM PIN, you never know who or what is watching.

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